Friday, 12 February 2016

Trusting in the care and providence of God

Can you trust that what is happening to you as Cenacle is as it is meant to be? 

What does it mean to choose indestructible hope within diminishment? 

It is not surely about running yourselves ragged. It is not just about who you were (good as it was), or what you do (important as it is), or your dreams for the future (vital though they are). 
To choose life, even in the face of loss and leave-taking is a powerful witness. 

Cenacle, after all is about love lived in community, in response to a call that makes us all more than we can be on our own. 
So share your lives, your sorrows and your joys. Make room for what is coming to birth in all those lettings be and lettings go. 
Each Cenacle presence is a place of unfolding, of nourishment and generosity. 
Your call is to hold that space open so that others can find themselves, each other and God at work in the centre of their lives. 

Can you trust that the spirit of all those women who came before you is alive in you right now? 

Can you believe that God is renewing you in the core of who you are? Each one has their part to play. Each sister, each companion must take up their role with humility and wonder. 
The call will come. 
Are you ready?’ 

(Kate Stogdon)

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